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Strategy Cascade: Ventree Innovations and Priceless Farms

5th June 2022

The following strategy has been created as a platform for discussion to accelerate discussion with investment and business partners. Some of the individual steps might be run in parallel rather than in series as this document portrays. Greater detail with operations, commercial and financial metrics exists, and can be found in the company’s secure, online data room. 

Our founder Aaron Elton sums up the goals aspirations of our venture this way;

“We’re a reforestation and innovations company with a wholistic approach to developing sustainable food fuels and fibers in the tropics. We believe that our corporate model can heal the planet and provide generations of healthy non-toxic products for the world.”

Company fundraising

The business moved from “Friends and Family” with gratitude to the initial investors, to a Crowd funding platform in Canada ( to secure shareholder allotment for a future IPO and to-date CDN$ 66,800.00 has been raised.

Raises have been structured at 0.05c & 0.10c rounds. The BlockScale Collective, a Web3 and token development consortium, took down CDN$250,000 at 0.10c in payment for services consideration, during the latest 0.10c round, to establish the token-economics, architecture for the underlying “Blockchain” platform and to facilitate the subsequent raise secured from investors focused on Utility Token strategies opportunities.

It is envisioned that the next round will be significantly higher both in volume and price and could be as high as CDN$1.00+ and culminating with a raise north of CDN$30m. This will be used for the expansion of the Land Bank, processing, distribution, Utility Token and carbon credit strategies. Geographic expansion will be agreed on a case-by-case basis and being mindful and management stretch will allow.

Corporate structure

Ventree Innovations Inc is the sales marketing and commercial business based in Vancouver, BC and has common shareholders with Priceless Farms Ltd in Uganda.

A separate organization is in the process of being established for the Utility Token element with associated business being established in BVI and Singapore, again with common shareholding.

Priceless farms

Positioned as a foundation farm and “Living Lab”, where crop variety, farming, commercial and resources will be trailed and evaluated, to be approved and rolled out through the various community farms in Uganda, East Africa and Globally.

Crop strategies

The initial crop is Moringa oleifera which is a plant that is often called the miracle tree, due to its abundance of uses from one sturdy plant.

Moringa has been used for centuries due to its medicinal properties and health benefits. It also has antifungal, antiviral, antidepressant, and anti-inflammatory properties. It is also extremely low in fats and contains no harmful cholesterol.

Moringa contains many healthful compounds such as:

  • vitamin A
  • vitamin B1 (thiamine)
  • B2 (riboflavin)
  • B3 (niacin), B-6
  • folate and ascorbic acid (vitamin C)
  • calcium
  • potassium
  • iron
  • magnesium
  • phosphorus
  • zinc

There are four products streams already in late-stage evaluation from this plant alone:

  1. The leaves are dried and processed on the farm, to be packed and sold in airtight pouches for the B2C market via a retail and online sales strategy.
The same product is also sold to the B2B market and contracts are already being fulfilled for Priceless Farm products as a active medicinal supplement for Nutrition Nutraceuticals
  2. The seed pods are ground down to create a feed cake for animal foods.
These same seed pods are also a excellent source of Glycerine used in soaps and cosmetics.
The same seed pods can also be further refined to produce biofuel for industrial vehicles / machinery or generators to create power for the grid or local community needs.
  3. The high canopy foliage from the Moringa is being evaluated for carbon extraction from the atmosphere and will benefit from the resultant carbon credit commercial market opportunity. Other crops such as Papaya for its anti-cancer and digestive benefits, Neem trees and many others are currently being evaluated at the Priceless Farms “Living Lab” to understand the crop interspersing and rotation soil nutritional and commercial benefits.

Commercial & Farming strategies

Currently the main thrust of the business is focused on producing higher volumes of the Moringa powder for both B2C and B2B channels with a roughly 40/60 split in production volume shares and xx/xx share in associated revenues. Strong relationships exist with product partners such as Africa’s Dr Choice, and burgeoning relationships are being formed with African and Global ambassadors of sustainability, natural health, and energy. being formed with African and Global ambassadors of sustainability, natural health, and energy. Framing husbandry is focused on irrigation to combat the dry season on the farm that is located in the White Nile basin of Uganda.

Perfecting and scaling production of the vivid green Moringa powder is being advanced with larger and more sophisticated processing being deployed on farm. 

The “Land Bank” strategy is critical to be developed in tandem to Moringa powder production demand. The plan, which is already in process, is to attract a large number of individual farms, to create a common agricultural policy across the community of farms improving farming husbandry and crop management and cultivation. Under this strategy education will be key and proficiency certifications will be awarded and maintained to individually managed farms with Quality Control being validated through the “Block Chain” open-source platform from tree to transportation and beyond.

The second “Land Bank” strategy is to acquire or have gifted for stock, large parcels of land under a single ownership. In this case education and proficiency certifications will be awarded and maintained with individually owner-managed farms. Quality Control being verified through the “Block Chain” open-source platform from seed to plate.

On a production scale evaluation, the central production facility will be replicated, and a dedicated facility placed on site in these large land blocks to guarantee the short harvesting to processing window.

Focused initially on East Africa (Uganda), the rollout strategy is, if the farming, climatic, soil and people variables are appropriate then the “Foundational Farm” will be replicated Globally focusing on Moringa but incorporating local plant opportunities such as White Onions or Bamboo.

The Initial “Foundational Farm – Living Lab” team will manage the overall farm strategy to create a common agricultural policy across the Global community of farms improving farming husbandry and crop management and cultivation. Under this strategy, education and proficiency certifications will be awarded and maintained with individually managed farms with Quality Control being managed through the “Block Chain” open source platform from tree to transportation.

The Blockchain & Utility Token Strategy

To manage the entire end-to-end production cycle from seedlings to product distribution and channel sales an open ledger “Blockchain” platform is in the process of being scoped. This will integrate with the Ventree Innovations Utility Token. The “TRē0” is Ventree Innovation’s utility token is a crypto token that serves to allow industrial and individual investors to purchase blocks of land to be used for farming or some other use case within the specific VentreeLife ecosystem such as the purchase and exchange of carbon credit value. The “TRē0” utility token is unique to this ecosystem, but it is envisioned that will have an accumulated-stored value that could ultimately be cashed out or traded with other members holding the same token. This strategy, the so-called Token-Economics is currently in the planning phase and a coupled (Blockchain, Utility Token and product portfolio distribution) strategy is expected to be launched in Q4 2022, or sooner if funds permit.

Carbon dioxide removal, also known as negative CO₂ emissions, is a process in which carbon dioxide gas is removed from the atmosphere and sequestered for long periods of time.

Priceless Farms is currently auditing and evaluating various Carbon removal methods focusing on natural strategies such as tree restoration, agricultural soil management, and hybrid strategies like enhanced root crops, bioenergy with carbon capture and storage. Priceless Farms sees the restoring of trees to the landscape through reforestation, restocking degraded forests and agroforestry systems as the single largest “shovel-ready” opportunity for carbon removal at scale Globally.

The Ventree Innovation Blockchain platform will be responsible for compiling the audit, value creation, validation and all aspects of the carbon credit trading platform. This process has already commenced with the engagement of a third-party specialist who is in the audit phase at the “Foundational Farm” in Uganda and will be producing Living Lab strategies and roll out processes and production protocols for all the community and single owner land banks.

An opportunity exists to build a dedicated Global Agribusiness to collect, verify a trade carbon credits via a branded VentreeLife portal sharing profit directly with the farmers and communities.

Sales, Marketing, and pricing strategies

Individuals within the C-Suite and founders currently take responsibility for sales and marketing including web3 online and separate B2B Nutraceutical channels. Pricing of the core Moringa is priced at the premium end as a reflection of the 100% pure quality and efficacy / WHO verification of the product quality and consistency as used in the Nutraceuticals  and B2C products, and is projected to drive significant margins.


Throughout the corporate ecosystem Ventree Innovations and Priceless Farms have relied on a distributed model of individuals and consulting groups to provide bench strength and scale the business with professional, creative and commercially savvy senior executives.

Founding members of the company hold significant positions in the company and maintain a majority stock position. Consultants will support founding partners undertaking the initial commercial, sales and marketing roles participating in extensive training and knowledge transfer to permanent team members.

Profit and Loss

Ventree and its companies forming the Group is a private, for profit business and as such does not declare other than for statutory requirements. Needless to say appropriate funding will be secured to deliver the vision and individual operational strategies of the group. Significant top line revenues, margins and shareholder returns are possible and the company marshals the business through fair trade / fair share policies

~ End ~

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