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WE INVEST in sustainable agroforestry

About Us

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We invest in sustainable agroforestry and herbal medicine production in tropical regions of the world. By adding value to forests through the development of a wide range of efficacious natural products we work with indigenous communities to protect and enhance their traditional forests, which are critically needed to help the planet reverse global warming.

We envision becoming a global inspiration for thousands of subsidiaries and franchise-like model farms and eco-friendly processing companies while delivering only the highest quality all natural consumables through a professional online shopping experience that gives our customers the opportunity to sponsor and support the expansion of our medicinal forests in a collective effort to move humanity into a sustainable future economy.

Watch the video below to learn more about ‘Priceless Farms’ our farm in Uganda and the education and employment opportunities for farm managers and the local economy.

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Priceless Farms produces a variety of sustainable Nutriceutical Products for local and foreign markets and expands through a self replicating model, via unique employee investment strategies.

Priceless Farms founder Aaron Elton recorded this interview in 2018 about the farm development at that time and the education in Permaculture design that he had been providing young Ugandans for several years and the impact these programs have impacted the local communities. He recently (2022) took that original interview and overlaid a montage of video footage taken over the years to show the tremendous growth and maturing of the farm over the past few years. The farm is now producing superlative quality phytomedicinal products, often called Superfoods, to international markets. #pricelessfarms #VentreeLife #Permaculture

Our Group of Companies

Ventree Innovations Inc. (VTi) Canada is the parent company of four subsidiaries.
VTi manages international affairs and corporate governance for the group
Product Sales, Research & Development
Our flagship operation and model for our farm network
Blockchain & Utility Token, distribution, channel sales & production cycle.
Carbon Credit markets through our Land bank strategy.

Our Partners

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