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Moringa: The Miracle Tree

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Ventree Innovations

We invest in People, Land, Trees, Superfoods and Profound Change
We use sustainable agroforestry practices to grow, process and distribute phytomedicinal organics production from tropical regions of the world. We’ve developed a globally distributed model for thousands of subsidiary farms and processing facilities by working with indigenous communities to protect and enhance traditional forests, that are so critical to mitigating desertification and reversing global warming.

Our Group of Companies

Ventree Innovations Inc. (VTi) Canada is the parent company of four subsidiaries.
VTi manages international affairs and corporate governance for the group

Ventree Life Organics (VTL)

Ventree Life is our ecommerce platform, product development and marketing company, offering nutraceutical and phytomedicinal products and new product R&D for international sales.

Priceless Farms

Priceless is our flagship farm in Uganda and the operations and production model for our farming network.

TRē0 Innovations

TRē0 is our Blockchain & Utility Token platform that will manage our entire product distribution and channel sales end-to-end production cycle.

Ventree Carbon (VTC)

Through extension of our Farming model VTC will offer landowner partners access to Carbon Credit markets through our Land bank strategy.
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Ventree Innovations - Earth Care People Care Fair Share

Our approach to going public on the Canadian stock exchange is driven by the desire to become a recognized eco-restoration, natural products, and technology innovation corporation. We have built our group of companies around the central ideology that working with nature rather than against it is the future of business. With the advent of blockchain technologies we have developed a utility token which will enable anyone in the world to participate in the expansion of our model across the tropical world. Our forests are more than just herbal tapestries with vast spectrums of phytochemical molecules exploit. They are remedies for global warming and supply staple foods from the space between the trees. We call this our world rejuvenation platform. It is an adaptable climate-smart, human-centre approach to creating large supplies of foods, fuels, fibres and medicine for generations to come.

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