Reversing global warming with funding from Carbon Credits

Our fourth company is the VenTree Carbon branded research corporation. This companies’ sole role is to research and develop an ever-growing list of species of trees and plants that may become carbon credited and then to manage and produce carbon credits against our various living assets to be sold through various means. This company will retain scientists on long term contracts and provide them with all the tools and means to undertake their research. This will include some labs and field research equipment vehicles to deploy a few teams on this huge undertaking. Collecting and developing our own peer reviewed data sets and publishing our scientific discoveries on an ongoing basis will give us a constant flow of positive press releases and grow our list of internal useful tree species which will be propagated by many thousands of nurseries within our network of properties and regions where our forests manifest. 

Such data again files into the master software, giving users the ability to forecast and run scenarios on various climate zones and sites where determining the right species and placement is critical to success, thus our software acts not only as a monitoring and management tool set, but also as a futures projections tool to help us understand what various properties values will be based on the tapestry of species we have our own hard data on. 

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