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A letter of gratitude to our investors

June 9th – from the desk of Aaron Elton

If you’re reading this, it probably means you have decided to help finance our corporation VenTree Innovations Inc. Thank you.

As a pioneer of world rejuvenation strategies, I have had the pleasure and privilege of spending the past 15 years’ time completely dedicated to the mission of solving the world’s biggest problems. I chose to focus on forests for their plethora of benefits to the planet as they do solve many of the dire situations when tended too properly. Like many scientists before me this work has grown out of the heaps of those who have before us created many thousands of methods and techniques to which the world must now utilize. I almost said, ‘simply utilize’, but the truth is the right use of science and knowledge does seem to be one of humanities greatest struggles. Wisdom is needed now more than ever for humanity to course correct its relationship with supply lines.

With all the problems we do face, it is my belief we have the equal number of solutions. It fills me with pride and joy to see each one of you find value in this company and put forth whatever amount you have chosen, so for this please know your contributions are to me, priceless, but your presence now within our network is where the true value comes with your investment; for our worlds in whichever small or big way, are connected. Through this type of meaningful connection, the world does change for the better before us as our company’s ethics and methods are surely rooted in truly powerful game changing ideas.

“With all the problems we face, …we have an equal number of solutions.”

Because the problems we are aiming to tackle are so dynamic by nature, spanning all the primary realms of human existence, we ultimately must create our solutions in a dynamic fashion. Simplified solutions typically only ‘Band-Aid’ problems who return after those solutions stop being financed. The solutions we are developing are a wholistic approach, spanning the mental, physical, emotional, financial, and spiritual aspects of each major issue we drive towards.

Like a locomotive now, with your investments, these hugely powerful and game changing solutions we have discovered / developed can be delivered to the world and are self-regenerating and indeed profitable solutions which may last for thousands of years to come.

We have designed our integrated solutions to become a new complex of business methodology within the world; one which rejuvenates landscapes and empowers people’s health and wealth stabilization potential. We are a counterweight to those systems that ‘rock the boat’ and threaten our worlds life forms. Where lands and communities have been devastated, we will surge our investments there and bring back to life the indigenous species of trees which act as a backbone to local economies that provide meaningful work to those destitute souls whose lives have been cast into the fire by the maelstrom of the industrial age.

Like anybody which has been damaged we must focus on healing the worst wounds in order to save the whole, in this sense VenTree Innovations is a critical wound healing company, and though it may take many hours of explanation to understand the company’s total spectrum of tools under development, I want to do my best right now to simplify the whole company vision for you to try and clarify its value in short form. I hope that through this explanation you can put down this letter and feel a sense of stronger understanding of why you made a good choice by investing with us. I will do this by explaining each of the major sister companies, what they do, and how they integrate to form a web of connections within which solutions for human wealth and health are created. 

It all starts with the farms. We are finalizing our franchise farming model ‘Priceless Farms’, which through 7 years of research has shown us that reclamation and profitability go hand in hand. This tropical based management system will be digitized into several IP sets, a series of paid online certificates will unlock the IMS (Internal Management System aka User Manual) for any would be franchise owner, typically someone with land or the desire to own and operate a medium to large farm with agroforestry, herbal medicine production, and natural product manufacturing facilities on it. Within this ever-growing list of franchise farms, we have the vehicle of exponential growth of economic and eco sensitive forestry through the ‘Out Growers’ aspect of the model. A single franchise farm can draw business from tens of thousands of regional farmer families who are trained and supported by the franchise farms to produce the abundant raw materials our factories require to increase and maintain production flow.

Secondly, we have, our web e commerce platform which adheres to three simple rules for all products appearing on its interface; they are carbon neutral, they are wholly non-toxic, they are supporting the increase of global forest cover. This e commerce platform will provide customers with a truly ethical form of shopping, and the list of products is only limited by the number of businesses who agree to adhere to our protocols, we can offset tens of thousands of products with our carbon credits, provide companies with TRēO tokens in exchange for their contributions to our growing forest cover, enabling a fully transparent view of the total impact our entire group of companies and customers is having in the real world. VenTree Life we aim to build as our primary buy portal of all our own products manufactured, but also through scouting other companies working with similar practices, we can expand a huge list of eco-friendly non-toxic products over time and become a robust portal for ethical shoppers around the world.

Our third company is the TRēO Innovations Singapore and British Virgin Islands. These will be our blockchain and software development corporation(s) which will manifest our crypto currency platform, and our total management system with strategical partnerships. The Crypto currency will enable us to raise massive capital on the web3 platforms to encourage the rapid investment into those franchise farms and families that take up the companies IMS and their respective huge communities of farmer families which represent the furthest reaches of our company’s impact, and the most important pillar of our success. We will be measured by the way in which we lift people out of poverty, and this will happen through rejuvenating the eco systems around them, so we are not a hypothetical idea, but a hard-hitting practical company which gets true real-world results. Using platforms like crypto currencies we can expedite the investment into our missions and likely become the world’s largest regenerative farming platform. This platform gives us the capacity to provide a universal basic income to all our tree planters the moment they begin planting our seedlings in the ground, with a guaranteed monthly income so long as their quarterly audits remain satisfactory with respect to caring for those forests long term. No single company in history has accomplished this to the scale we are demanding. By succeeding with this one simple notion of paying people to care for the trees we give them, we will become the fastest growing agroforestry business in Africa.

Because the forests we plant have short-, medium-, and long-term economic pay-outs we can do this style of investment so long as we scale up to an economy of redundancy (very large scale), where our income far outweighs our cost. Waves of investment will flow from this model to create an exponential growth pattern with treasuries of funds providing insurance to both health and businesses alike, creating an ever-growing safety net which strengthens with every new major project on-boarded.

To do this massive mission, we need software’s, education, ethics, checks and balances built into the fabric of our corporate structures, all of which will be accessible to any of our managers and investors through our master software

‘SowQuest’ – Powered by VenTree Life. This platform will provide all our franchise farms with a total management system to enter data and communicate effectively with our head office. With the SowQuest software we can know exactly how many people, tools, assets, costs, income streams, and problems are being dealt across our entire spectrum of properties. This will enable us to make rapid judgements and adjust our seasonal range of crops, discover areas for improvement and access huge volumes of data for internal investigations and research, truly, making us one of the most innovative ‘Earth Repair’ companies in the world.  In the future this software can be integrated with AI and supply chain management and HR management within the platform can be ever more automated and streamlined, saving on costs. All e wallets will be tethered to users accounts so that access to finance for health services and things like seed purchases are all immediately accessible to those users, our employees, who have their own SowQuest accounts. With our master software receiving field data from management teams entering the data on the ground, and using drones with specialized sensors, satellite imagery, weather stations, and as well the feedback and data offered by the very fringe of our network the individual farmers themselves, we foresee a new future of wide scale project management through our software. This is all possible through the franchise model which sets the foundation on which the use of such software becomes possible. The integration of our crypto currency into this model will be a crescendo moment for our company so I do look forward to explaining that in more detail once the pieces are all built. This software will be extremely user friendly so don’t fret the results when we begin to build this, a 7-year-old child will be able to understand the program and navigate the pages to enter data and gain use from the platform.

Our fourth company is the VenTree Carbon branded research corporation. This companies’ sole role is to research and develop an ever-growing list of species of trees and plants that may become carbon credited and then to manage and produce carbon credits against our various living assets to be sold through various means. This company will retain scientists on long term contracts and provide them with all the tools and means to undertake their research. This will include some labs and field research equipment vehicles to deploy a few teams on this huge undertaking. Collecting and developing our own peer reviewed data sets and publishing our scientific discoveries on an ongoing basis will give us a constant flow of positive press releases and grow our list of internal useful tree species which will be propagated by many thousands of nurseries within our network of properties and regions where our forests manifest.

Such data again files into the master software, giving users the ability to forecast and run scenarios on various climate zones and sites where determining the right species and placement is critical to success, thus our software acts not only as a monitoring and management tool set, but also as a futures projections tool to help us understand what various properties values will be based on the tapestry of species we have our own hard data on.

The fifth company called VenTree Power will be our green energy company producing carbon negative biofuels, renewable crop inputs and fertilizers which will form an internal energy model for our various factories and vehicles, as well as our crop outputs over time. This company represents the energy cycles needed to close the loop on our production models and ensure that our properties and the fertility of our farms remains in growth and balance for a very long-term view. Working with existing technologies and creating join ventures with other experts in these fields our company will be actively investing in its own supply chain needs to reduce the requirements of imported fuels and nutrients to our localized economies surrounding our various factories.

You can probably tell that we are thinking big within VenTree Innovations. And this is precisely what the world needs right now, big bold and beautiful companies to rise up and march forward to impact the world’s supply lines for the better. Through the creation of a highly profitable herbal medicines and natural products line we can vivify our dreams of developing an ever-growing expansion eco system of companies with shared economies where the entire tropical world comes under our microscope for potential development under the methods and models described above. Such companies and ideas are needed right now, the world needs us to build companies like this. By fixing our supply line issues as they relate to foods fuels and fibres, we can reverse global warming and put a stop to poverty in a big way, all the while enjoying the benefits of a truly for-profit business venture at every step of the way.

Thanks for your investment, I hope this has helped you understand our company a little more. I look forward to interacting with all of you as we move the agenda forward to accomplish all these milestones that lay ahead.

Sincerely Yours, Aaron Elton.

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